Tradition, re-invention and creativity join to offer you a new experience.

Pasta Negri

The high quality raw materials for pasta making offer us the basis for the two Pasta Negri product lines.

In particular we use:

1. Organic durum wheat semolina from certified Italian chain, for Pasta line 100% Italian organic durum wheat semolina.

2. Organic whole buckwheat flour for Pasta line with organic whole buckwheat ground in Teglio, the birthplace of the “Pizzocchero” and the heart of the well known Valtellina gastronomy.

To our rigorously selected ingredients we add:
– the water that flows from the natural springs Duse and Moiane, located between 1200 and 1400 meters above sea level in the Italian Alps
– the use of the traditional bronze dies and
– a slow drying process at low temperature.

The manufacturing process ends
in a fully handmade pasta.

Pasta line
100% italian organic
durum wheat semolina

It began as a single-ingredient pasta line so that the selection of durum wheat semolina was the most important challenge for our pasta factory.

Pasta Negri durum wheat is grown and fully ground in Italy respecting the biological standards.

The semolina obtained from that grinding is characterized by its high protein content, for the intense yellow hue but above all, for the toughness of its proteins, that is the resistance to cooking; for that reason it is perfect for the production of top quality pasta, special pasta and the one used for catering (which undergo pre-cooking).

Pasta line
with organic
whole buckwheat

It is obtained using a mixture of Italian durum wheat semolina and whole buckwheat flour.

Its production represents the spirit of our company. Buckwheat has characterized and dominated for centuries Valtellina traditional cuisine. For that reason we are particularly proud of offering our customers also the famous “artisanal Pizzocchero” in its most truly and traditional version.

We also produce several innovative pasta shapes to give the opportunity to taste and create new recipes using that gorgeous pseudo-cereal.

organic pasta line:

The simplicity of the “thousand flavours”

  • – Organic pasta with turmeric
  • – Organic pasta with cuttlefish ink
  • – Organic pasta with Italian tomato
  • – Organic pasta spinach
  • – Organic pasta “in 4 flavours”

organic line.

A special, original gluten-free recipe,
elaborated to not have to compromise the
traditional flavours of Valtellina.